The Delicious Natural Taste Of Grandies Crackers!

When SGK Food Industry started out in the Cracker & Biscuit industry, we wanted to differentiate our products from the rest by offering the wholesome goodness of biscuits without taking any “short cuts”, in our baking process.

Our Grandies crackers offer customers an opportunity to experience a truly natural tasting cracker that uses baking techniques that have been passed down for generations. Our baking process begins in the early morning before the sun is up, well before most people are awake. This is when our talented bakers and assistants measure the quality ingredient to adjust for changes in the factories environment. This expert skill cannot be read in a book as the knowledge comes from years of actual baking experience. Such knowledge is only passed down from master to apprentice.

Be it breakfast, tea break or supper, fill your tummy with Grandie’s crackers available in six assorted flavors!  Naturally flavorsome and wholesome, the crackers are crafted with 24 layers to give you that extra crunch. Enjoy with your favorite hot beverage or just by itself.


Corn_crackerCorn Crackers

A creamy and buttery tasting cracker with a golden brown and yellow color.  The cracker texture is flaky, light and tastes slightly sweet.  A perfect cracker for any time or place.





Special Crackers (cropped)Special Crackers

Our special cream crackers are made from an age old recipe that offers a most satisfying butter taste.  We recommend that you try the delicious crackers with a cup of coffee or tea during breakfast or tea breaks.





Sugar_cracker (400 x 600)Sugar Crackers

Our Sugar Crackers are topped with just the right amount of raw sugar to form a thin layer on the cracker.  We take extra care during the baking process to apply the sugar topping exactly at the right moment, which will keep the sugar on the cracker and not the bottom of the package tray.  Some customers say they can tell a Grandies sugar cracker by shaking the package, as you hear very little loose sugar.




Original CrackerOriginal Crackers

Our original cream crackers are baked with a little less oil which makes them even healthier!  They have a great light taste and make perfect choices for health conscious people including weight watchers.





Marie-OriginalOriginal Marie

Marie biscuits have a sweet aroma that many say is reminiscent of short bread. Our Marie biscuits are made using an old English recipe that spares no cost when it comes to ingredients. These rich tasting, light brown biscuits have been a favorite for many generations of English families.


Marie-ChocolateChocolate Marie

Our Chocolate Marie biscuits have the same texture and body as our Original Marie biscuits, but have a delightfully delicious taste of Swiss Chocolate. These chocolate biscuits are a real hit with the kids.



 Taste The Baked-in Goodness Of Grandies!


✓Natural         ✓No Trans Fat         ✓Vegetarian         ✓High Fiber         ✓Less Oil         ✓Low Sodium

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